Today's recommendation is the Australian dollar against the US dollar

 The best entry points buy a buy entry from the present levels or from any better levels 0.7330 on the hourly time-frame. Place the stop loss point below the support levels of 0.7302. Move the stop loss to the entry area and continue the profit because the price moves by 20 pips. Close half the contracts with a profit it's adequate to 30 pips and leaves the remainder of the contracts until the strong resistance levels at 0.7355 and 0.7410 respectively. the simplest entry points sell entering a sell position from below the support line 0.7301 on the hourly timeframe the simplest point is to put the stop loss above 0.7333 levels. Move the stop loss to the entry area and continue profit With the worth moving by 20 points. Close half the contracts with a profit adequate to 40 points and leave the remaining contracts until the support levels of 0.7266. Analysis of the Australian dollar against the US dollar

 The Australian dollar continued to rise against its US counterpart AUD / USD, albeit at a slowing pace because the pair lost the strong upward momentum. We expect the slowdown to continue, especially with the withdrawal of liquidity from the markets thanks to the US legal holiday thanks to Thanksgiving within us.

 Regarding yesterday's recommendation, the advice was activated from the entry point and a profit was made with moving the stop in conjunction with the pair's rise, as was written within the recommendation.

 In terms of knowledge, official data showed today, a decline in capital spending in Australia during the third quarter, exceeding expectations, by 3 percent compared to the previous quarter within the September quarter, which is bigger than the expected decline of 1.5 percent. However, the pace of decline eased from -6.4% within the second quarter.

 Investment in buildings and structures decreased by 3.7 percent and investment in equipment, factories, and machinery decreased by 2.2 percent within the third quarter. On an annual basis, total new capital spending decreased by 13.8 percent within the third quarter. Companies' expectations of future capital spending indicate that it's going to be on the brink of rock bottom.

 On the technical front, the Australian dollar (AUD / USD) pair is trading during a general bullish trend within the medium term. We expect the pair to continue its rise as long because it trades above the support levels, which are respectively 0.7342 and 0.7323. The pair targets the resistance levels 0.7410 as a final target.

 On the opposite hand, to enter buying, it might be better to re-test one among the above-mentioned support levels before resuming the pair's rise. If the pair reverses the trend and breaks all the support lines, then we will enter selling after retesting 0.7309.

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