AUD / USD Today: The Australian dollar is rising without stopping

 Best entry points Hradjul buy suspended by order of the support levels 0.7453 on the time-frame for hour .tlgy recommendation within the event of the arrival of the pair to the goal before activating Altusih. da stop-loss point below the amount of support 0.7400. not stop loss to enter the world and continued profit with the worth moves by 30 pips. Close half the contracts with a profit adequate to 30 pips and leave the remainder of the contracts until the strong resistance levels at 0.7500. the simplest entry points sell entering a sell position from below 0.7390 levels on the hourly time-frame. the simplest point is to put a stop loss above 0.7420 levels. Move the stop loss to the world. Enter and continue the profit with the worth movement of 20 points. Close half the contracts with a profit adequate to 20 points and leave the remaining contracts until the support levels of 0.7330. Analysis of the Australian dollar against the US dollar

 The continued US Australian dollar versus counterpart AUD / USD rally during early trading on Thursday, as analysts attributed the worldwide banks, the key strength of the dollar Australian to the central policy of Australia within the rate of interest cut, which on the brink of zero at the instant in Altotiralaijaa on the worth of the dollar and therefore the Australian, which has become attractive by a variety of things, the foremost prominent of which is that the rise within the prices of some commodities, on top of which is ore, because the metal broke record levels during the present year with strong demand for it, especially from China, the main industrial neighbor of Australia, where Chinese companies got to buy the Australian dollar so as to shop for Australian ore.

 On the technical front, the Australian dollar (AUD / USD) pair continued during a general bullish trend d, because the pair is currently trading within a bullish price channel at 0.7482 levels above strong support levels concentrated at 0.7459 and 0.7430 levels respectively on the 30-minute time-frame... Each wave is taken into account bear an honest opportunity to repurchase Khashma Achtbarda'm strong at 0.7414.

 We expect the pair to continue rising from the present levels or from the strong support levels mentioned within the recommendation with targets up to 0.7500 as mentioned within the buy recommendation.

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