Today's AUD / USD forecast: The Australian dollar is rising with weak momentum

The best entry points buy a buy entry at the present price of 0.7589 or the simplest level is 0.7550. Put the stop loss point below the support levels of 0.7521. Move the stop loss to the entry area and continue the profit with the worth moving by 15 points. Close half the contracts with a profit adequate to 30 points and leave the remaining contracts Up to strong resistance levels at 0.7630, the simplest entry points sell entering a sell position from below 0.7490 levels on the four-hour time-frame. the simplest point is to put a stop loss above 0.7520 levels. Move the stop loss to the entry area and continue the profit with the worth moving by 25 points. Close half the contracts with Achieving a profit adequate to 35 pips and leaving the remaining contracts until the support levels of 0.7440. Analysis of the Australian dollar against the US dollar

 The Australian dollar continued to rise against its US counterpart AUD / USD, but the shortage of strong data added to the Christmas holidays made the pair's rise weak with the decline in liquidity and therefore the slowdown within the momentum of the increase.

 In basic news, the US dollar weakened against major currencies as investors ignored US President Donald Trump's comments that a $ 900 billion stimulus bill, prescribed after months of debate in Congress, was a "stain" that he won't sign. President Donald Trump vetoed the legislation despite the support of majorities from both the Democratic and Republican senators.

 On the technical front, the Australian dollar (AUD / USD) pair maintained the overall bullish trend, because the pair currently trades at 0.75881 levels above strong support levels at 0.7550 and 0.7529 and above a line (trend) additionally to the 50 moving average on the four-hour time-frame. The liquidity flow indicator also confirms the present bullish trend, because the index tends to rise, indicating the flow of liquidity within the direction of shopping for the Australian dollar during today's trading.

 Entry can purchase from the present levels or any better levels as long because the pair stabilizes above 0.7550 and maintains the stop loss below 0.7520 levels.

 generally, the currency market is witnessing a big decline in liquidity with a big decline in momentum as traders withdraw before the Christmas holidays so it's best to regulate your trading strategy and risk management accordingly.

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