GBP / USD analysis today: The Pound is trying everything for a breakout

The British pound advanced significantly during the trading session on Thursday, reaching towards the 1.37 handle. That in fact may be a big integer and of psychological significance, and it's a neighborhood during which we've seen resistance also. Ultimately, I feel the market will break above that level and still move higher. watching this chart, I feel it's ready to continue rising and can eventually attempt to breach the 1.3750 level and head towards 1.40 then. Ultimately, we've been during a specialized bullish trend for a short time, so in fact, this is often likely to be how this market's behavior will continue.

 Down, the 1.35 level offers tons of support, because it has been a big resistance level within the past. The 50 days EMA is beginning to move there, so that could also provide a touch of support. British Pound has freed itself from the specter of Brexit, although there are still tons of concerns for future traders, the reality is that we've overcome tons of the anomaly related to the negotiations. All things being equal, I feel we'll still buy dips, and therefore the British pound will eventually begin. The British pound is historically cheap, and that I think many of us will still view it from this attitude. Additionally, the US dollar has been declining a few times now, and thus this might be the most driver of the market's rally also.

 I expect more volatility ahead, and in fact, people are going to be quite worried about the lockdowns within the UK thanks to the coronavirus. However, it appears that the bulk of traders are looking beyond this and trying to cost the thought of life after the vaccines roll out. However, vaccine distribution has been slower than expected, and thus this may likely still cause noise during this market. I'm not curious about selling this pair soon, but I might wish to see some kind of pullback to shop for it, as we'd like to seek out a particular volume useful in what was a slow, solid move up several months ago

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